History and Organisation


Youth for Christ was officially registered under Societies Ordinance (reg. SO No.. 6530) in 1987, in Mwanza Tanzania mainland.

Although Youth for Christ was successfully registered for quite long time, it remained unproductive and had no ministry activities running.

Having had a clear call to join Youth for Christ, in July 2010, Pascal and Esther Nyulahe and their twins moved from Zanzibar to Tanzania mainland where they are currently implementing ministry at the national level.

Board of Trustees

The Youth for Christ Board consists of 9 people – Chairperson, Deputy-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer together with other 5 delegates. The National Director of Youth for Christ is also an ex-officio appointment to the board.

Staff and Volunteers

There are currently 8 volunteer staff country wide and 27 others in certain areas – 8 volunteers in Mwanza, 5 volunteers in Kigoma and 14 volunteers in Zanzibar.

To download an informative fact book with information about Youth for Christ in Tanzania, including Mwanza, Kigoma, and Zanzibar Chapters, click here.